Management Team

Sanal Kumar SP

Founder - COO

Sanal is passionate towards innovation based on an open mind approach, that changes things for the better. He never hesitates to venture into untested zones and has always tried to work on new ideas and their implementation. He thinks that ‘Ideas are only as good as they are implemented’.

He started career with the manufacturing Industry. Beginning with production, he then moved on to head various functions across operations, before heading Logistics operations for India & South East Asia.

His job enabled working with many countries, that helped gain understanding of global businesses, and also different working cultures.

Incubation of a few ideas started some years back.

Transport logistics is almost an unorganised sector, and hence there remains a crucial gap in the first and last mile logistics in supply chain. This reinforced the idea of finding a solution to this issue.

A post graduate from IIT BHU, having 16+ years of corporate exposure with organizations like Sandvik, he quit the corporate ladder to realise his dream of creating a professionally run successful business.

Thus was born GOGOTRUX, under FortSatt Business Technologies.

Bindu Balakrishnan


Bindu took break from her Corporate career for parenting (that gave her real life learning about tackling simple yet complex issues). Now her role is to guide the company on strategic decisions, and designing of company’s HR policies, including recruitments, training, and development of all human resource.

She is a competent HR professional, proficient in planning, strategizing, and implementing.

Having abilities with demonstrated successes in HR, as well as administrative profiles with some renowned IT companies like Lucent, SAP Labs and Ness, she has also worked with IIM Ahmedabad as a 'Research Associate'.

She holds a master’s degree in HR from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kochi.